Movin’ on up: sexy innovations in wallpaper design

Say no to Gramma’s floral wallpaper and YES to bold &

daring color, innovative design, and cutting-edge interiors. New trends in

wallpaper will inspire you to think BIG and seal the coffin on those god awful

patterns of yesteryear.
Jazz wallpaper by bloom papers
Yeah, that’s a New

Orleans jazz session happening 24/7 in your living

room. Barcelona-based Bloom Papers can amp up your home’s atmosphere with

larger-than-life digital images – and let’s be real, probably get you laid. Every

Zebra print bloom papers
Minimalist design & sharp patterning make for a sleek

and dramatic living space. Plus, that’s a zebra. Peeking his head into your

house. I think I’m in love. Melted wallpaper bloom papersLooking for something specific? You can even upload your own

image or text (favorite poem, song, photograph, design, etc.) and order it

directly from Bloom.
FairWinds squiggle wallpaper
For those who crave a contemporary look, this paper will

leap off the walls. Designed by Fairwinds Studio, the Modern Art series offers

sultry contrast & distinctive furnishing ideas like true gods of style. My

mouth is watering and this isn’t even edible.
Fruitblock wallpaper
Or take things to the next level with 3-D light-up paper. Netherlands

native Jonas Samson is a technological trendsetter in wallpaper design. He’ll

make your home glow via light-emitting diodes (LEDs) embedded in the wall

Jonas samson wallpaper
Think of the living room dance parties! And the lighting is

adjustable, so when everyone else goes home, you & your lover can kick

back, dim the fixture to a soft glow, and just wait for the fireworks.

Removable wallpaper

You can’t go wrong here. Stick it on, appreciate it for a few months, and just peel to remove when you’re ready. It doesn’t damage your walls,

so it’s ideal for renters who need those deposits back. And the paper’s eco-friendly,

vinyl-free and totally breathable. No one needs a mildew situation on their

Check it in all kinds of gorgeous textures, faux finishes, and

life-sized murals.
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