The All-in-One Revolving Circular Compact Kitchen

Talk about ingenuity and the “myCleverKitchen concept” takes

the prize. This is the perfect solution if you’re short on space. To quote Compact Concepts website:

“You don’t need to walk to the stove, the stove comes to you!”
The circle kitchen is a compact, high-tech kitchen that revolves

180 degrees. It comes with everything you’d expect in a kitchen: oven with microwave,

range hood, stove, sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher, yet it takes up roughly

the size of an office desk.
Revolving, compact kitchen
But don’t let the size fool you, the storage capacity is

equal to 12 conventional kitchen cupboards. And the upper area has a 360-degree

rotating shelf to store dishes, glasses, and food.
Revolving, compact kitchen cupboards
You can access all the appliances by turning the inner ring –

its’ designed to turn even when you’re using the dishwasher or the water tap is

turned on. When you rotate the unit, the entire work area is accessible from

either a sitting or standing position.
There are so many benefits to this

innovative kitchen and one of them is their “room within a room” concept. With

its sliding doors you can totally conceal the kitchen – ideal for city living

where space is a premium or for a studio apartment where the kitchen is part of

the bedroom – the concealable kitchen will blend in with the furniture when

Revolving, compact kitchen doors
They offer 15 standard color choices like banana yellow,

cherry red, periwinkle blue, and mint green. They also offer an additional 59

special colors on request. Run your curser over any of the standard colors on

this link to see the actual kitchen in each color:
Revolving, compact kitchen
Currently there are 4 models to choose from; Premium, Slim

Line, Deluxe Line, and Mini. To watch the doors open and the unit rotate, place

your cursor over the closed kitchen unit on this link and left mouse click to

rotate the shelves:

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