Recycled Shipping Container Homes

By S. Kim Henson
Container home remodeling
Container home remodeling
Can you imagine a crane

rolling down your street to deliver your neighbor’s house? Or a helicopter

dropping off the domicile on a vacant lot next door? Stepping outside the four

walls of traditional housing, IC Green has designed voguish, sustainable

residences, studios and cabanas from recycled shipping containers. And it makes

sense. These corrugated steel box frames were built to handle heavy loads and

harsh weather. As structures, they offer long lifecycles, low maintenance, and they

sturdily stack and join together. Worldwide delivery is easy since the units were,

after all, once used for transporting.
Container home remodeling
Great for an office, studio, guest house, addition or

primary residence, the container homes range from 320 to 2,400 square feet. The simplest

box is a studio with a bath and kitchen. At the other end, the 2,400 square-foot

home has three bedrooms, two full baths, a galley kitchen, laundry room and

closets designed around a courtyard in the center. Customization is offered for

any size unit, including specialty paint colors and roofing, environmentally

conscious upgrades and revised floor plans. Add-ons like a carport and

multi-story units are also available.
At $100 per square

foot, the price does not include plumbing and electrical fixtures,

cabinets, HVAC system, delivery, installation, or the land, foundation and site

preparation. Units are available for lease.
Container cabana remodel
Container cabana remodel
To be sure, the

environment will benefit from these modular makings. IC Green has seen to

it that beyond the use of the recyclable casing, paints and stains are zero- or

low-VOC, and wood studs are Forestry Stewardship Council-certified. Energy Star

plumbing and lighting are water and energy efficient. Also, natural light is

abundant. Radiant flooring within a well-insulated interior and HVAC systems

with high SEER ratings decrease energy costs. Green roofs are among other eco-friendly

options that will further the unit’s resourcefulness.
Container cabana remodel
Container cabana remodel

Before applying for that loan, make sure a forklift,

crane or helicopter can deliver to your land, and that the land has been

checked out by a professional. If you were to order today, your home’s

completion date will be anywhere from one to four months, depending on building

specifications. Check out floor plans below.
320 Square Feet
Container home remodeling floor plan
2,400 Square Feet
Container home remodel floor plan

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