Maison NW is the Ultimate Dreamer’s Hang-Out

by Jennifer Heyns

Maison nw net hang out
Is this a living or working space? That blurring of the lines, my friends, is exactly the point. The Maison NW house near Paris features color-themed areas and unique spaces for creativity throughout its three impressive floors.
Maison nw kitchen
Maison nw net hang out
The owner, Nathalie Wolberg, is also the architect. Obviously, there is nothing traditional about Wolberg, as is evident by taking a virtual tour of her home/work studio. Each floor is divided up into individual spaces, and each one is a wonder in and of itself, including the stairway access that connects the levels.
Maison nw
Maison NW translates into NW’s House, simple and yet not nearly descriptive enough to prepare you for what you’ll find inside.
Maison nw hang out
Many of the rooms have odd angles set about, giving several spaces a fun-house feel. It takes a minute to adjust your eyes so that you can clearly see how the angles are formed and what makes them so. Mobile wall panels, cabinets, stools and bookcases feature slight angles that mirror each other and make for interesting shadows and appearances throughout the home.
Maison nw bedroom hang out
One of the most intriguing designs implemented at Maison NW is a large open area that looks directly down to the floor below. The vast chasm is closed off solely by a large net suspended by the beams surrounding the opening, which serves as an oversized hammock for relaxing and just hanging around.
Maison nw office space
Most of the furniture, seating, visual features and even walls appear to be mobile, meaning that whenever Wolberg experiences a shift in her outlook, she’ll have an easy time shifting her studio around to match the changes.
Maison nw staircase
Maison nw bedroom

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