Fantasy Treehouses

A forest outing, a

painter’s studio, a writer’s den, a dreamer’s hideaway, a lazy rainy day

hangout, a surreal paradise of adventure – it’s a treehouse, and it’s all of

these things and more. There’s something about a secret treetop home carved

from rich natural wood that brings out our inner children. Or maybe you never

grew up at all…


fantasy homes are brought to you by the brilliant Baumraum, a German-based company that

designs and builds custom treehouses for grownup children all over the world.
Fantasy treehouse

World of Living Treehouse:

World of living treehouse
Treehouses range in price from € 18,000 to 140,000. This incredible cabin is supported by seven asymmetrical

larch-supports that extend to the earth. The steps lead to a large,

lower-leveled terrace, a common feature of Baumraum outdoor architecture.

World of living fantasy treehouse
Built-in benches

with storage room take advantage of the interior space. The treehouse is fitted

with glazing on all sides and features a huge dormer window.

The Scout Treehouse:

Scout treehouse kitchen
This upper cabin is furnished with a mini-kitchen, oven, dining table and benches. The

treehouse right below it sleeps approximately eight people.
Scout treehouse
The terrace is used as a peaceful point to rest and

take in the forest views.
Scout design treehouse window style

This asymmetrical

window adds architectural interest and a futuristic-contemporary appeal.

Between Alder and Oak:

Alder and oak fantasy treehouse
A romantic evening glow fills this home’s curved ceiling and shows

off the impressive design.

Alder and oak fantasy treehouse
The terraces are generally big enough for a picnic table and

chairs. More steps lead you up into the cabin and from there, you’re greeted by

magnificent panoramic views of the woods.
Fantasy treehouse bedroom

The bed is extremely spacious

with built-in drawers below and a bench facing the opposite wall. The windows

bring the outdoors in and through a skylight, the stars above twinkle and


Cliff Treehouse

Cliff treehouse
The treehouse was built as both a guestroom and

special hideaway for the owners to relax. At night, the house is illuminated

and visable from a great distance.
Cliff treehouse bedroom

The roomy interior features a spacious bed and bench, both of

which have built-in storage underneath.
Cliff treehouse terrace walkway

The terrace is big enough for a table and chairs and is reached

via two catwalks, one that connects to the cliff and another to the treehouse. How much would YOU pay for a treetop


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