LED Stair Lights: Awesome and Useful, Too

Motion detectors have long been used to illuminate the exterior of homes, aiding returning residents or after-dark visitors. They’re very handy to have, like an automatic nightlight for outdoor purposes. It was only a matter of time before innovators started bringing the technology inside, and Alan Parekh is one such clever inventor.
LED stair lights

Alan’s Electronic Projects,

Parekh demonstrates how he came up with a plan to help his aging cat prowl around the house at night after his night vision was impaired. He set about to invent a lighting device that would automatically illuminate the staircase if the cat tried to venture up or down them. He further decided that this device should operate without having to keep a set of lights on all night long, wasting electricity and possibly keeping the family awake.

The result was his

LED Stair Lights

, which he now sells in kits so that others can have this practical and helpful lighting system in their homes. The LED Stair Lights consist of a small LED fixture set under each stair tread which illuminates the step below it. The real genius behind this system is that the top and bottom stair each have a laser pointer trigger to detect anything attempting to ascend or descend the staircase.
Any human or animal that reaches the top or bottom stair will break the laser beam, triggering the lights to come on immediately.
But wait, there’s more! As if automatic staircase night lights aren’t smart enough, the system also contains an automatic shut-off. After a reasonable delay, giving a person – or cat, as the case may be – time to get all the way up or down the stairs, the lights dim very slowly. The LEDs turn off one at a time, beginning with the light nearest the laser sensor that was initially triggered. So, if the top step detector was set off because you were headed down the stairs, then the top LED light will go out first.
This LED Stair Light system makes a lot of sense. This system would be great for any family with small children, senior citizens or animals who like to make their rounds after everyone else has gone to bed.

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