A Telecommuter’s Dream: the Eco-Friendly OfficePOD

Telecommuting is a hot

option for employees these days. It gives people the opportunity to work from

home while the company benefits from reduced property costs and increased

productivity, not to mention a more diverse work staff. And think of the footy

pajamas! But then again, without the space and privacy of a real office, these

people often face more frequent distractions. No company wants the incessant

doorbell interruptions, personal phone calls, dryer buzzers, and family and

friends who aren’t quite convinced that “working from home” really means work.
OfficePOD driveway
OfficePOD designed

the solution for consumers to “unblur” the lines between work and homeOfficePOD life.

About the size of a standard hotel bathroom, the seven-square-foot unit

features desk space, cabinets and shelving, and fits easily in most backyards.

The OfficePOD handles it all: site survey, installation, continuous customer

service help and POD relocation if necessary. Constructed with the environment

in mind, the makers used recycled and recyclable products, as well as natural

materials wherever possible. The small, well-insulated space is cooled by an

energy efficient system.
As an alternative to the

construction of buildings or rental of additional offices, OfficePOD caters to

the ever-changing corporate world as well, one POD at a time. Leases on the units

are flexible and short-term to accommodate corporate fluctuation and relocation

needs for personnel. Order the POD and have it installed within 12 weeks and

removed or relocated within eight weeks.
OfficePOD desk
The work-from-home trend is here to stay, with the plus-sides far

outweighing the disadvantages. OfficePOD has done for space what cell phones

and internet access did for communication. The modular building opened the door

to the ultimate telecommuter’s work space away from the office.
OfficePOD backyard
Advantages for corporations:

Advantages for consumer:Advantages for environment:

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