Bright & Modern Urban Area Rugs

Long overdue, a new generation of

area rugs has been born. Unlike the traditional variety in every Home

Depot across America, these modern rugs are a work of art and make a bold

statement when you walk into the room.

Henzel Studio – High-end

Urban rugs black rug
Forget conservative. HZL rugs take

over the room, but in a good way. Clearly, if you could afford one of these

pieces, you wouldn’t want any furniture in the room. The bold, contemporary designs

can even be transferred to print and oil canvas for your walls.

Urban rugs faces
The rugs are handmade with 100 percent wool from New Zealand – the best

place in the world for wool. For a few more bucks, they offer a deluxe

collection with 35 to 50 percent silk. And you can custom-create area rugs for

residential or contract projects.

Ksenia Movafagh - Moderately priced

Stone urban rug

Based in Norway, 2 Form

Design makes one rug that really stands out – “Pebble.” This soft and

squishy pebble conundrum blows my mind. If you’re into the Zen or outdoorsy

look, you’ll love this area rug made completely out of wool. P.s. they also do

custom sizes.

A + K – Upper-end

Urban hallway squares rug
This company puts out modern Square, Square Compression, and Line

Compression rug designs. These colorful and geometric area rugs come in all

different sizes, including runners. Constructed by the award-winning Ariana

Rugs, their collection is made of the finest hand-knotted cotton and hand-tufted

wool rugs.

Urban Outfitters – Very Affordable

Ikat square printed urban rug
This “Ikat Square Printed Rug” is only $38. It looks killer with hardwood

and brightens up the room.

Momeni - Affordable
Though not entirely unique with respect to design, Momeni does offer a “New

Wave” line that’s distinctive and fresh. With contemporary colors and

interesting patterns, I had no problem finding rugs to liven up my house. Some other

lines worth mentioning are Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Deco, Koi, and a modern

line called Elements.
New wave urban rug

“New Wave”

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