American Clay Natural Earth Plaster

American Clay’s Natural

Earth Plasters are not only award-winning, their formulation is now patented.

The patent was issued on February 3,

2009, and provides the company exclusive rights for making, using, selling, or

importing their invention from that date. American Clay’s CEO and co-Founder

Croft Elsaesser is the creator of the unique formulation using

natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments

– all sourced in the U.S.
American clay home remodel
Elsaesser’s avid

interest in developing natural materials began when he launched into home

construction and plastering 13 years ago. A press release announcing the new

patent says that “before creating American Clay, Elsaesser suffered from

chronic headaches and breathing problems, symptoms of what experts started to

realize was due to toxic substances in finishes, and finally dubbed ‘sick building syndrome’.” Now, with the creation of the all-natural earth plaster, people can work and

live in healthier environments.
American Clay Natural Earth Plaster is one of Builder News’ 2008 Best Products. Placing in

the Luxury category, Builder News’ feature

on award-winning products says, “Celebrating innovation by

manufacturers across five categories, the products all reflect the

contributions manufacturers are making to homebuilding in the U.S. by raising

the bar on current limits for technology, efficiency, affordability, and

environmental concerns. Earth Plaster, by American

Clay, is a natural clay and recycled marble dust plaster that can give any

surface the traditional feel of cob-earth and adobe-style houses. Earth Plaster

is made in the U.S. with non-toxic domestic ingredients.”
Earth Plasters are non-dusting, mold and fade resistant, repairable, and moisture controlling.

They are also easily adapted to Do-It-Yourself projects. Creating American Clay

surfaces is made easy by the company, which is presenting workshops for

advanced application skills at various locations in the U.S. Detailed

information about these workshops is available on the American Clay website.
A photo gallery showing different finishes and applications

features a variety of beautiful projects. You can also discover answers to

common questions about Earth Plasters in a segment of the website devoted to

providing more information about topics including Colors and Samples, Surfaces,

Cleaning and Repairing, Fireplaces, and more. You can also pose questions to

the company’s experts and read an interesting list of Open Questions – this

feature shows questions other people have asked about the use and application

of Earth Plasters.
A blog and newsletter make company news readily available.

In an illustrated tidbit in a recent blog entry, you can see examples of the

new color and finish samples, now available in large 8” x 10” sheets to give

customers a better sense of what Earth Plasters look like.

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