The Polyhedron House

It may be because I’m demented or because I’m a parent (although the two are not mutually exclusive), but this awesome, little hideaway just outside of Bogota, Columbia reminds me of the Teletubbies and their polyhedron house in the middle of a bright, green lea.
Polyhedron house columbia garden

This one’s more practical and definitely cozier. Although it’s not a complete house by itself, it’s got a great design by Manuel Villa. From the front, it looks like a full polyhedron with dark shingles on every side and a neat, yellow-trimmed window smack-dab in the middle of the front-facing pane. Take a walk around to the rear, however, and it’s like the back wall fell flat onto the ground. That’s actually the main entrance – a flat, multi-paned glass divider with doors that swing outward.
Polyhedron house deck and patio

Another structural anomaly is the bubble skylight on top. The contrast is stark and yet completely attractive. From the minimalist skylight to the glass wall, this dark, little house sees an amazing influx of natural light.

The house wasn’t designed for 24-hour living, but merely as a structure for a parent and child to share activities and appreciation of nature, which should be easy to do with the surrounding Eden-esque garden and park-like, manicured landscape.
Polyhedron house columbia interior room

The little house is almost totally covered in wood. It holds a series of shelves, cabinetry and niches which provide areas for sitting, relaxing, and perhaps drawing, playing board games, reading and other polyhedron-away-from-home activities.

It’s definitely warm, inviting and not at all obtrusive. Of course, when you’re hungry, you have to make your way back to civilization because there’s no kitchen here. Unless they scurry away into the forest picking berries? I want a polyhedron house.

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