Rrreally Big Pipes

It’s a shame to hear about these great companies that make green products to help save the earth, and yet maintain production plants that pump out black chemical clouds. They practically cancel themselves out. Some companies are getting the hint, though, and are building new facilities that incorporate the values they are trying to instill in the rest of us through their products.
Recycled pipe home
T Bailey, Inc.

is one of those stand-up businesses. Based in Anacortes, Washington, the 18-year-old company specializes in several aspects of construction, including the manufacture of wind turbine towers. Recycled pipe homeThe turbine towers utilize huge pipes, which T Bailey managed to persuade Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

of Seattle to incorporate into the design of their new office building, situated adjacent to the company’s manufacturing facilities.
Lead Architect Tom Kundig did more than just use the 14- and 22-foot pipes in the design of the structure. He made them essential to the flow of the building and its energy efficiency. One of the

gargantuan pipes

sits on the ground, serving as a covered walkway into the office building, while another stands erect and houses the main stairwell. At the top of the vertical pipe is a fan and skylight to draw warm air up through the stairwell and out the top. This system keeps cooling costs at T Bailey to a minimum.
Recycled pipe home
By using their own eco-friendly materials, T Bailey has found a way to make their facilities more environmentally sound. They also took other measures to ensure that their own impact on the planet mirrors that which they hope to inspire in others through their products. The office building’s fan and skylight are both operated through home solar power. The floors, steel and main structure are largely unfinished to reduce the amount of coatings and toxic materials that can contribute to poor air quality. Well-done!
Recycled pipe home

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