Mini Homes of Japan

In Japan

the traditional home is based on Ma, which is the balance between space and

objects. The space is divided by shoji screens, which slide on tracks and can

be removed to enlarge a room or allow the room to become integrated with other

spaces, such as the garden. Though some believe the screen’s paper is made of

rice paper, it isn’t. Shoji paper is called Washi and it’s made of fibers from

the Kozo tree.
The paper is made with a specific thinness, which allows the

right amount of light to shine through. If you change the fiber direction or

thickness, the washi optical factors, such as reflection rate and transparency,

change. The paper’s surface allows sunlight to scatter throughout a room evenly

and efficiently. This remarkable and ingenious screen originated in Japan during

the time of the Chinese Han dynasty and is one of the many timeless Japanese

architectural elements still popular today
Japanese mini house
Architecturally speaking, Japan has come a long way over the

centuries. Though they still maintain a sense of tradition inside, the homes’

exterior is a far cry from the traditional “Japanese” home.
Because Japan is about the size of California and the

population exceeds 125 million people, which is three and a half times the

population of California, the modern Japanese home is more compact and built

with a highly efficient and functional design, making every space count.
Though the interior space is graceful, clean, and turbo-functional,

the outside is modern, futuristic, and sometimes downright ugly. Some homes are

built to look like square spaceships, often composed of 100% cement with very

few windows, and some are built to allow the sunlight to pour in by creating an

entire wall of windows. One thing is certain, regardless of the exterior, we

Westerners can learn a lot from their interior space design and the freedom

that comes with the less-is-more mentality.
You can gain a better understanding of modern Japanese homes

by taking a stroll through the links below, which highlight 4 popular Japanese

Atelier bow-wow mini house japan

house designed by Atelier Bow-Wow

Kazuhiko kishimoto mini house japan

designed by architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto
Kazuhiko’s designs are about blending with the natural

environment and are less modern looking than homes you’d see in cities like

Homes designed by architect Yo Yamagata
Yo yamagata mini house japan

office with living quarters built on the top tier.

double house with a light well.
Homes designed by architect Tetsushi Tomanaga
Tetsushi tomanaga mini house japan
Using the best of

the given space – light, airy.
A not so small


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