A Real-Life Lego House?

When Lego came out with their cool, snap-together plastic building blocks and started the kids’ Lego revolution, they weren’t talking about real houses. But James May, producer and co-host of Britain television’s show Top Gear, took it quite literally.

Lego house construction
Inspired over a couple brewskis and deep conversation about what he and his buddies would have built as kids if they’d had an unlimited supply of Legos, May decided to do what any grown-up boy would: build a gigantic, two-story funhouse.
Lego house construction

The house is situated on England’s largest vineyard at the beautiful Denbies Wine Estate near Dorking, Surrey. And with the roughly 300,000 visitors pouring in each year, I’m certain this project will cause quite a stir.

The greatest part of all? He plans to move in as soon as it’s finished.

Lego house roof
May’s inner child must have held a hostile takeover, as he now plans to build a Lego toilet and Lego furniture. Total projected colorful Lego blocks: an easy three million. I must admit, I think this guy brings out the kid in all of us.

Will it pass building code? Probably not. Will it be fun to live in? Most definitely.
Lego house construction

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