Homemade Roller Coasters: The Thrill of the Build

Homemade roller coaster
There’s just something about a roller coaster as a backyard

addition that I never would have thought about. Nope, not in a million years.

But leave it to these coaster lovers and their grandpa to not only think about

it, but to pull out the tool belt and let the building begin!

Homemade roller coaster
Jeremy Reid’s wooden do-it-yourselfer took 2,900 feet of lumber,

7,000 screws and nails, a roller chain and one HP motor to build. “The Oklahoma Land Run” cost $5,500 and

took well over a thousand hours to plan and construct for the thrill of a one-minute

ride on a roller coaster he assembled with his own two hands.
Homemade roller coaster
Interesting facts:

Homemade roller coaster
Reid said that he’s had hundreds of emails from all

over the world commenting on his coaster, and several who have asked what he

would charge to build another one. His response, “I do not have the energy to

build another. One was enough.”
Homemade roller coaster

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