An Explosion of Artistic Mania

Casa son vida
Casa son Vida is the first of six luxury residences planned for the exclusive area near Palma de Mallorca, Spain. While the other five remain to be seen, this first home is, well, like nothing ever seen before.
Casa son vida
Casa son vida
The architecture, design and interior are spectacularly unique and yet oddly disturbing at the same time.
Casa son vida living room
Inside and out, the house has a semblance of smoothness. Every structural surface is made of something stark white with very little texture. Curves and sharp edges blend seamlessly in what

tec Architecture

, in collaboration with Amsterdam-based Marcel Wanders Studio, defines as a nearly off-the-grid, sustainable home.
Casa son vida pool
What’s even more interesting about Casa son Vida is how art has been integrated into the design. From the outside, piercing the starkness of the vast white expanse is a design along one exterior wall, the semblance of what could be interpreted as a floral Mickey Mouse zipping up a robotic costume.
Casa son vida
Also intriguing is the roof, which is flat and covered with murals that make it look like each level of the house has an aquarium sitting right on top, including mammoth-sized sea life playing in the water and causing it to spill over and down the sides of the walls.
Casa son vida bathroom
The interior is just as unusual. Most of the bold color was saved for the bathrooms, which have an amazing display of floral-patterned tiles in great hues that peek out from between stripes of blankness.
Casa son vida
The overall effect is an artistic and architectural masterpiece, but has comfort been compromised in the process?
Casa son vida

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