Cardboard Furniture, A Not-So-New Concept

Cardboard furniture seems like a very new and innovative concept

for greening the globe. But the idea has been around—perhaps largely unknown

—since the early 1970s. Frank Gehry, world-renowned architect, is known as

the pioneer of cardboard furniture. In a feature on CNET, Gehry is said

to have introduced his table and chair designs made of corrugated cardboard

between 1969 and 1973. Design schools teach his concepts to this day.
Gehry’s furniture designs were exhibited

at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. His fundamental concern, according

the Museum’s exhibition notes, was to manipulate basic materials in

unconventional ways to produce objects that are functional yet also visually

Giles miller cardboard furniture
“Cardboard as a building block is slowly gaining in appeal around

the world. The 2000 Olympics in Sydney featured cardboard furniture, and in

Hong Kong, cardboard is used for coffins,” writes CNET’s Elsa Wenzel, who also

talked about Gehry’s innovative work with the material.
Cardboard furniture is a timely topic, and many of the green

blogs around the world are talking about it. You can also learn to make your

own cardboard furniture by following the steps laid out at eHow and


Here are 3 sources for cardboard furniture that feature designs

from the pragmatic to the serious, with lots of variations in between:
Innovative Cardboard

makes custom chairs, shelves, tables, and more—all out of cardboard. In many

instances, the products are built for use at trade shows, where they work

effectively in a company’s booth set-up and are simply left behind for disposal

at tear-down time.
Innovative cardboard furniture
Leo Kempf is a designer

who lives in the Arkansas mountains. He creates functional art, including

furniture made of cardboard. Some of these pieces are on display at 360SEE, a Chicago gallery that

exhibits fine art, functional art, furniture, and design objects that address

issues of sustainability through concept and material construction.
Giles Miller

features some stylish home furnishings made of corrugated cardboard, his

signature material. Giles studied furniture design at Loughborough University

in the UK, continuing his studies at London’s Royal College of Art. Some of his

designs are produced by the Italian brand Dovetusai.

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