Odd billboard houses
If you have few possessions and aren’t afraid of heights,

this inhabitable billboard house would make an ideal dwelling, or a smart

vacation getaway planted wherever you like. Perched atop a pole, this minimal-footprint prefab house was

inspired by the shape and design of billboards. Indeed, the Single Hauz by Poland-based Front Architects just might

fill a void in affordable housing for singles.
Odd billboard houses

Modern and sleek in design, this two-story, 290-square foot urban

abode comes with all the amenities for human comfort, including a kitchen,

bathroom, living area and balcony on the main level, plus a bedroom loft and

roof access on the 2nd level.
Odd billboard houses
The high-tech and versatile Single Hauz seems to have

arrived at the right time. The home has the ability to take advantage of unused

bog land and flood zones, as well as lakes, mountains and cities. With very

little environmental impact, the Single Hauz is an eco-smart solution to promote sustainability and footprint

The usage possibilities are endless and travel far beyond

housing. Restaurants, art galleries, high-tech gadget shops, spas and salons

would be ideal candidates for the Single Hauz.
Odd billboard houses

The small living concept is a growing trend as more people

question their materialistic ways and accumulation of unneeded possessions.

Lightening one’s load by downsizing reduces stress, lowers utility costs,

prohibits excessive consumer spending due to lack of storage, is kind to Mother

Earth, and creates a more simplistic, organized lifestyle. What’s not to love?
Odd billboard houses

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