Swanky Istanbul Pad

Major renovation of the BUAMA House

in Istanbul, Turkey has left one young couple’s home in immaculate shape.
Swanky istanbul home
The restructuring was headed by


, an architectural firm with offices in New York, Istanbul and Bodrum. Their goal was to blur the lines among floors, walls and ceilings. They achieved this by integrating curved walls, doors and other surfaces into the home and covering it all with an organic material.
Swanky istanbul home
The colors throughout the home are very earthy and subtle; they add a rich, aesthetically pleasing texture. These curves are not your typical arch or ellipse shapes – they are unique in their own design, yet finished with such grace that they seem almost natural in their new environment.
Swanky istanbul home
While there are actually very few windows here, the architects made fabulous use of light by allowing the sun to peek in through solar tubes and stationary glass strips, as well as adding light fixtures in unusual places and using reflection to scatter it throughout each room.
Swanky istanbul home
The styles vary from space to space, but all carry that common theme of soft texture and gentle curves. In one room, you’ll find rich and rustic wooden furniture, while another features suede floor sofas and modern glass tables. Yet another room is completely laden with tile and artwork.
Swanky istanbul home
There is so much beauty and intrigue in every room that there’s almost a confusion as to where to focus first. Even the rooms that seem almost typical in design and style have added features that vie for your attention. It’s as if you would have to live a lifetime in each room to appreciate all that’s been offered in BUAMA House.

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