The Origami House

Origami house remodel jane burnside
Uniquely talented architect Jane D. Burnside designed a house in Northern

Ireland that is somehow as lovely as she is. The brilliant Origami House sits surrounded by trees

and looks about the size of small village.

One glance at this house and you can see how it got

its name – the multiple pitches of rooftops that cap the snow-white structure

resemble ornate folds of paper art.

In reality, the rooftops are supported by eight different pavilions that make

up the home. The majority of the pavilions are strung together, making a

continuous floor plan on the interior of the house. The others are connected by

a footbridge that unites the two structures.
Origami house design exterior

Stark white inside and out, the

house is a clear contrast to the bright blue skies and lush green landscape

that surround it. Though you can’t see it from the photos, the house sits

within view of a beautiful waterfall. What you can see is the breathtaking creek that wanders onto the property

beneath the footbridge.
Origami house living room

To allow the homeowners the

same sense of origami inside that passers-by get from the exterior, the

pavilions that make up the living spaces contain vaulted ceilings that cascade

throughout the home.
Origami house yard

In this very natural setting,

only one tree was removed for the sake of building the Origami House.
Origami house patio deck

The home’s already been

recognized in the building industry and has won awards from the Royal Institute

of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) and the Royal Institute of British

Architects (RIBA). It was awarded

Highly Commended in the 2009 RIAI Awards for Best House and was shortlisted in

the RIBA Awards 2009 for Best House.

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