The Newest Trend in Swimming Pool Design: Natural Swimming Pools

If the heat isn’t on in you’re

neighborhood, it soon will be. That means it’s time to hit the pool. Whatever

it takes to cool down is the first order of business for some. Others may have

it made in the shade with a good book, while the kids splash around. Having a

residential pool is a great luxury, but dealing with irritations from chlorine

and other chemicals can sour the experience. If you’ve thought about installing

a pool, you can certainly stick with traditional swimming pools, but there’s a new wave of natural ponds and

hybrid pools that might be worth a toe dip.
These green pools are generally

constructed with a dual purpose. First, they give the user an alternative choice to chlorine pools.
Natural pools lanscaping
Exposure to harsh chemicals and

unbalanced PH levels can hurt the eyes and damage hair. Second, natural pools

provide limitless beauty and filter the

water without the use of chlorine. These types of swimming pools have existed

in Europe for years without a health incident. The key to these pools is

getting the circulation system down pat. Once that’s working properly, the rest

takes care of itself. Oh, but what about

dealing with that Caddyshack incident? You remember the Baby Ruth, right? The experts say bugs will destroy something

like that. Simple as that.
Natural pools landscape
The natural swimming pool I want to

focus on is a compromise between natural pools and conventional swimming pools.

It’s a Hybrid pool designed by Expanding

Horizons. This California-based company incorporates technology from

standard pools, like main drains, surface skimmers, and pool cleaners. They

enhance pool experience by adding perimeter boulders, along with beach entries

and natural water plants. Separate from the pool is a filtration system, filled

with water loving plants. The water is

cleaned by the plants in the restoration area, and then delivered to the pool

by a free flowing stream.

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Woodhouse Natural Pools

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