Living Stone Furniture

Stone furniture s marin design

We love nature so much that we’re always finding new ways to use our outdoor spaces for living, like adding patios, porches and outdoor kitchens. One designer decided to do the exact opposite, making us stop and think, “Am I outside or in?”
Stone furniture patio water
French designer Stèphanie Marin created home furnishings that look like real, gigantic pebbles and raindrops. Her Living Stone collection consists of soft boulders of various sizes that can be strewn about the home. The textured stones look so real that you’ll wonder how comfortable they can possibly be – but naturally, they’re soft and cozy cushions. It’s like the eco-conscious consumer’s answer to the bean bag chair. Marin’s designs are incredibly earth-friendly, working to bring natural elements into the home while conserving resources.
Stone furniture s marin design
Another design is a coffee table that emulates the form of a tree trunk. While that may not exactly scream elegance to you, the piece is very rich with color, almost liquid with the flow of the shape and comes complete with a beautiful, lacquered finish. Together, the faux wood and stones combine to bring a rustic grace to the indoors that, while it resembles nature itself, it just can’t be matched in style and comfort.
Stone furniture smarin design
All of the pieces by Marin’s Nice-based company, Smarin, are handcrafted in France. Her lines have made it across the globe, including a few locations in the United States, like San Francisco, San Diego, Berkeley, San Juan and one spot in Georgia. If you like the look of stone, but have yet to be sold on their function as Lazy Boys, the Living Stone line might just change your mind.

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