Joshua Tree Boulder House

If you prefer nature over neighbors, then the Boulder House

in Joshua Tree Park will have you in complete awe.
Boulder house joshua tree
While rock formations are no stranger to the area, engineer Hussein Zand of Riverside, CA erected concrete boulders in and around the house. Aside from the tremendous views of the breathtaking landscape that is Joshua Tree Park,

Boulder House

is a near monument itself.
Boulder house
Paying homage to the boulders surrounding the home and the natural rock of the enveloping landscape, much of Boulder House’s interior includes rock or rock-like materials, including the floors and countertops. Interestingly, the ceilings look like floors, with their deep, rich wooden planks, building on the character and originality of the home.
Boulder house
What also draws the eye are steel beams emerging from the floor and piercing the ceiling. In addition to their structural importance, they also enhance the home’s feel of durability and fortitude.
Boulder house
While the man-made boulders block several areas of the house from allowing in natural light, the designer made sure to incorporate other features that would make up for this. For example, the kitchen, which has one side open to the sunshine and natural landscape, has one mirrored wall located opposite the windows. This doubles the amount of natural light in the room and creates the illusion that both ends of the kitchen are exposed to the immediate landscape.
Boulder house joshua tree
Where the house really shines, however, is in the great room, where the home’s interior and exterior seamlessly blend together. There is no clear line indicating the difference between being inside, outside on the deck or smack-dab in the middle of Joshua Tree Park.
Boulder house kitchen
There may not be many neighbors around this neck of the woods, but with a home as magnificent as Boulder House friends could easily be imported for entertaining.

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