FabCab = Fabulous PreFab Cabin Homes

FabCab prefab homes
There’s nothing cozier than a home filled with warm wooden beams looming overhead and across the walls. Unfortunately, they can be quite expensive and extensive to build. But a Seattle, Washington company has found a loophole that will allow any land owner to have a timber-frame home.


, which is short for Fabulous Cabin, is a team of skilled professionals who work together to coordinate all the facets of construction to allow customers to order pre-fabricated cabins. Not only have they found a way to streamline the cabin building aspect of residential construction, they’ve done so with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind.
FabCab prefab home
The company actually has no manufacturing plant of their own, but that doesn’t make them any less efficient. Rather than operate their own facility, they work with suppliers who provide specialty skills and coordinate schedules with all of them. This assures that construction and delivery can all happen in a timely and efficient manner.
While FabCab offers only a few standard floor plans, there are many customization options. This serves to provide the owner with enough options so that they know their timber-frame home is unique. On top of the customization, they can also provide the doors, windows, exterior and interior finishes, as well as fixtures.
FabCab bedroom
The wood used in FabCab’s cabins is sustainably-harvested Douglas fir. In keeping with their goal of being environmentally conscious, they’ve also kept the floor plans as efficient as possible.
The company uses specialized machinery for cutting wood so that there is as little waste as possible. They also utilize SIP wall panels for higher energy efficiency and low-VOC finishes assure good indoor air quality within the homes.
FabCab wood
The timber-frame home kits are designed to be a bit on the small side for a few different reasons. There is less wasted space in these cabins, less impact on the earth, they cost less to build and fit nicely into established neighborhoods. Many small pre-fabricated homes can lack originality and character, but FabCab homes have such a rich framework and fresh appearance that they are starting to give the term “pre-fab” a whole new meaning.

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