The Tallest Building in the World

Burj dubai
2,700-foot-high Burj Dubai, the tallest building on earth, opened earlier this week on January 4, 2010. Located in The Park near one of Dubai’s finest thoroughfares, the structure towers above the world’s second-largest building, Taiwan’s Taipei 101, by at least 1,000 feet. Height aside, the building’s contents are equally remarkable: the world’s first Armani hotel, 1,000 condos, an equal number of commissioned artwork pieces in and around the structure, expansive office space, 54 elevators and other amenities for the future 12,000 occupants.
Burj dubai
The record-setting title is for that of the highest façade made from aluminum and glass, which is designed to withstand the city’s extreme summer temperatures. The tower stands over 2,700 feet tall and is at least 160 stories high, though the exact number of floors has been kept quiet. All at a cost of roughly $1.5 billion.
Burj dubai
Renamed Burj Khalifa after Abu Dhabi’s Sheik Khalifa who did his own bailout last month, the new name doesn’t seem to be taking. But hopefully the buy-out will. If the impressive fireworks at the opening are any indication, the complex is on-track in a big way. And the configuration is not all that stands high. The Park, approximately 27 acres of lake, water features and lush landscaping, is also home to the world’s highest performing waterworks, the Dubai Fountain. Highlights also include the highest swimming pool 76 floors up, the tallest observation deck on floor 124 and the mosque that is 158 stories closer to Heaven.
Burj dubai
Architectural reviews are favorable for the world’s first “Vertical City” by Emaar Properties. The Chicago Tribune praises the building’s sleek pinnacle over that of Chicago’s Trump Tower, and the Los Angeles Times admires the “Art Deco masterpiece” and optimism of its builders, the city and the nation during these challenging economic times.
But Burj Dubai’s environmental reputation is questionable. Recovery of condensation from the building’s cooling equipment will provide about 15 million gallons of water a year in this desert climate. A green effort for sure, but most likely not enough to justify its massive expanse in these times of sustainability and eco-conscious building. Still, Burj Dubai’s breadth has forged upward well beyond other buildings, and rather than being dubbed a spectacle, its status moving into 2010 is not a centimeter short of spectacular.

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